What is this power of devotion within me?

What is a healthy approach to this blossoming?

It lights up inner consciousness, fills our hearts with life force, and lifts us to a place of wellbeing and bliss.
What is this mysterious power of devotion? What do those names and forms point to within us? Which forces are awakened?
Magical singing
As you learn mantras and prayers by heart, and start to understand each Sanskrit word, your chanting will really grow in power.
But aside from gaining cognitive understanding, how do you let go of mental patterns that develop, and let the devotion take new paths within you?
Energy in the hands
Chanting is more powerful in groups. One person's devotion feeds the other, and the current grows ever stronger, and more beautiful.
What are the best gatherings for you? Which type of kirtan leaders match your style? Who are the people behind the devotion?
What's with all those Vedic rituals? Those with a trained eye see an unparalleled spiritual power in them...
But can they be made easier for us Westerners to understand and perform?
How do we reach past the form to get at the true substance?
Buddha tree
This community is about wholesomeness.
We are all for bhakti here, but we also watch to make sure our lives remain well balanced on all fronts.
Is the power of your prayer improving your relationships? Energizing your work life? Making you a happier person?
A call to lovers of all embodiments of the Divine.
With Hanuman for instance, what have you learned about discipleship?
Do you regularly sing the Chalisa? How much have you learned from those infinite teachings?
Join a Chalisa group
Which powers do Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati awaken within us?
How can we absorb the teachings of Krishna, or Shiva?

What we
work towards

The fastest path

Let it fly high

Devotion is the fastest path to self-realization, plain and simple. While other paths can take hard work, through bhakti yoga you simply connect your heart to a higher power and let it lift you into the celestial realms. While it is all about the heart, the prayer or chanting becomes all the more powerful when you cognitively understand the words you are singing. Here is your personalized guide to all those Sanskrit words, to understanding the different embodiments of the divine that are nothing more than specific powers within us... Here is the key to filling your prayer with bhava, the power of emotion that will make it reverberate far and wide.

Morphing of shapes

More potent in groups

There's nothing more beautiful than seeing large groups of people in an authentic state of devotion, completely surrendered to prayer, dancing and singing with all their heart. Here is a platform to keep us connected while we're apart, and to bring us together through hand-picked concerts, festivals, gatherings and celebrations the world over. Create and join groups and events near you, and find your tribe within the larger bhakti tribe. Discover people's riveting stories – how did they find their way into bhakti, and who are they outside of this field? What's your unique place in all of this, and what can you cook up together?


A more wholesome approach

When the channels of devotion really open in us, we enter into states that are often so much more real and powerful than anything we've ever experienced, that everything else tends to fall by the wayside. It's not uncommon for people to drop everything to go to India or live in an ashram, and that can be a crucial step in our journey. But at the end of the day, what is all this inner purification for? When we come back to the world, are we really able to sustain an open heart in a relationship? Has Lakshmi graced us with all the prosperity and wellbeing we need? Or is there some blockage still when the rubber meets the road? Let's get real about what we're doing here.

Bhakti Lovin Community

Celebrating the awakening of a higher power within us, integrating it in all areas of our lives.

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